Move and Drag tool have no independent radius

I don’t know if this is part of an update or a bug, but my move tool and drag tool no longer have a radius I can control. They will just keep the size of whatever brush I was previously using, the radius bar is there but it doesn’t allow me to move it up or down. This is extremely annoying (if it’s a new update) because I have to switch to another brush to be able to change the size and then go back to the move tool. I’ve already reset the tools and the interface and all that good stuff, Am I missing something?

You need to update 1.53.

I’m surprised to see so many people stuck on 1.52 since I released 1.53 a day or two after 1.52.

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Thank you!

Sometimes on the UK Apple App Store certain apps I have on my iPad doesn’t show an update button on the store page when there is an update. It sometimes has just an open button. You have to click on the preview app image to go full screen and then the update button will appear. :man_shrugging:t3:

So I keep an eye on the Nomad forum.

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