Move tool and déplacement tool

When I move, it’s breaking the sphere or other, I don’t know if the tool changed with the app update

You didn’t say what nomad version you are on, maybe update the app.

Sorry, I use the latest version of the app

1.87, are you sure?
Otherwise show a screenshot, because « break » is a bit vague.

It’s doing this

Try to reset your tool setting (tap icon in the toolbox).

Already did it, reset the tool, reload the app, or turn off and on the iPad

Try again the reset, not the last save button.
Also resetting a tool doesn’t save it afterwards so if you restart the app just after, the issue won’t be resolved.
Otherwise make sure to disable front vertex in filter menu, but the reset should handle it.

I did the reset, not the s€last save button, i retried it but it’s still not work ._. , sorry

So, I reload the app, I supp and reloaded , and it’s seems to work well for now , thanks for trying to help, have a nicely day :slight_smile:

Can you show me a video where you reset the tool and the bug appears.
And open the « Filter » and « drag » menu, so that I can check the tool settings.

I just redownload the app, and it’s disappeared :D, so all is fine, thank u for trying to help !

This is still happening in version 1.87. The only way to prevent it is to disable the ‘two-sided’ option.

This option is disabled by default.
Also it’s not a bug if the option is enabled… if you can’t move the backside vertex, the tool will act accordingly.

If it not bug … How to set the Move tool … to solve this problem / already update ios , and app Nomad… already reset move tool brush too

I found the behavior of this tool quite strange! But it works well with Two sided enabled, not disabled!

Front facing should be disable, in the Filter menu. And two sided enabled.
Just wait for the release, no need to add more posts.

Works correctly as far as I can tell.

Yeah I got the same thing. But these helped. I can sculpt again thanks.