Version 1.86 bug?

Hello! I wanted to ask if this is a new bug with the latest update. I have attached a video, but essentially whenever I would use the move or drag tool on an object, it would distort it. I have never had this issue before the update. Is there some new setting I need to edit or is it actually a bug?
For context, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Android version 14.

Additionally I cant purchase the new quad remesh. I have tried to restart the app but it still does not load the google play puchase screen.

Thank you!

I think you might have “same side vertices” ticked by mistake. Go to the move brush settings and see

And quadremesher is not available on android devices, I don’t think there’s anything the Nomad sculpt creator can do about it, because quadremesher is an external, plugin type program made by someone else.

Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately enabling and disabling this option did not work, the same issue still occurs.

I really thought that would solve it! Only other thing I can think of is you might have facegroups active but not shown, with move tool set to use facegroups. Pretty unlikely though, because I think you would have needed to change a few settings manually to get to that point. Sorry can’t think of anything else!

I’m also having trouble with the same problem. The problem is that editing always appears to be applied only to the front vertices.

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“This issue only occurs if the ‘two-sided’ option in the display settings is disabled!” :globe_with_meridians:

Sorry, this is not the solution in my case. I’m sure it’s a bug from the latest updated versions as I haven’t had this issue with 1.84

  • Disable front vertex in Filter menu.
  • Enable two sided (cog icon, settings)
    (will be fixed in 1.88)