Using the drag tool with dynamic topo on causes a crash

Drag tool without dyntopo on is fine. Move tool is also fine. This only happens with drag and dyntopo on. Im using ipados 14.4

I might have already fix that.
Can you tell me if it only happens when using the pencil with pressure radius on (typically à curve that starts at 0). The crash happens when you start dragging but there is no vertices inside the selection radius.

I dont have pressure radius on for drag, but I’ve noticed it only crashes when the dragged topology starts getting pointy, so i think its the same

Hmm did you change some parameters in the Drag settings?
I’m thinking about “connected topology”.

I can’t reproduce any crash (without connected topology) so it’s hard for me to know if the issue will be fixed or not.
If you can reproduce the bug in a relatively consistant way I’d be interested to know how.

Went to check and yes. The crash only happens with connected topology on

You could just remesh with dynamic topo on with the smooth brush to add more mesh then use drag tool with the setting off. you could use the mask tool to cut the shape you want and not mess the rest of the object up. I personally like to use the gizmo and masking tools to stretch stuff into shapes remeshing at low counts till I have something I like then increase resolution gradually as I need it.

The bug should be fixed for next release.