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Hello!, i frequently get the bug where my models do not work with dynamic topo any longer. I’m currently working on an android-humanoid but all parts don’t respond to dynamic topo anymore, they used too. Even when dyntopo is checked it doesn’t appear to do anything.

I noticed the dynamic topo breaks when I Slice a mesh, then the parts won’t work with the dynamic tesselation anymore. I have to set the voxel remesh and remesh the entire part or it won’t tesselate. Is this a known issue?.

I also noticed on some parts that still work I can increase the dyntopo value on those but then at a certain point it won’t increase anymore. I can raise to 3000 and it will remain tessellated at a lower value around 600. So after a certain value it won’t tesselate further. If I want more polys I just do a global subdivide or voxel remesh.

I removed all layers, masks, collapsed, combined, separated. Nothing appears to fix it.

Any ideas?. I get this a lot

I have no idea but also haven’t heard about issues from others or experienced them myself.

Could you please post your settings you use?

Speed or quality
Zoom, radius, constant

Uniformisation, subdivision, decimation.

A second guess could be the overall size of your object. Make a backup and try to resize, increase size and try again? Could be the issue.

There’s a hard coded value indeed, due to numerical precision.
The value is a bit aggressive and will be tweaked on next release.
Scaling the model can fix the issue on current release (it might require a bake in transform menu).

Ok I’ll give that a try. Should I scale down? Or scale the model up to fix it?.

I did notice after slicing the bounding box for the dynamic topo didn’t always update to the new sliced parts size so possible it thinks it’s still part of the larger initial part?. Maybe that’s why it gets confused?.

Also what’s the video limit to upload?. I’ll try and take a little video to post

5 MB File size limit. Scale up. :vulcan_salute:

You should bake after scale.

What’s the baking?. Not familiar with that. I know high to low baking. I assume you mean something else?

When you use gizmo to scale, rotate, move, etc. there’s the option to “bake” the new scale, rotation, etc. This creates a new “zero point”, so to speak.

Yep, that’s it - bake (reset) transformations.

Really good bit of reading on it here that explains it in depth, its for different software but the principles are identical: Baking Transformations | Babylon.js Documentation

Ooooooh gotcha!, so similar to
Maya → freeze transformation / reset transformation / delete all history … etc.

Got it!, didn’t know that was a thing in nomad. Handy!, that fixes the issue. Think the bounding didn’t update when slicing so it could figure out how big the part was etc. All good now. Thankyou everyone!.

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