Dynamic topography turns off

Bug reports hello,

I’ve been noticing that when going between different models (files) that DynTopo seems to get turned off between sessions. I’ve also notice that if I have several objects in one file that use DynTopo, that when I go back to work on an earlier object that DynTopo gets turned off. Is this on purpose or a bug?

It’s on purpose, dynTopo can always be turned on again.

DynTopo has an impact on performance and memory so by default it’s disabled.

Ive noticed the same strange thing too…when Iam sculpting dyntopo suddenly off, and I have to turned it on again…is that possible that I turn it off by any gesture? (and it happens when there is only one mesh on the grid)

sometimes I accidently press something on the sculpting menu too, however Iam using a glove, and Iam sure its no the tip of the pencil…

thank you for your help!