Dynotopo messed my base mesh (after using it in layers)

As you can see in the attached image, the mesh is ruined.
I was just testing brushes and alphas in a layer.
With some brushes I used dynotopo.
Then I deleted the layer to start the real work, but I found my mesh ruined, I have to import it again.

Is this how it’s supposed to work?

If dynotopo is not compatible with layers it shouldn’t be available to use if it’s going to ruin the mesh. At least that is my opinion.

Layers does work with dynamic topology, but they record deformation, not topology changes.

If you:

  • create a layer (on a sphere)
  • sculpt with dynamic topology activated
  • delete the layer

You will see that you revert to the initial sphere.

On the screen what I see is simply distorted topology, probably because you sculpted very fine detail?
You can simply take any tool (e.g: smooth) with a dynamic topology, and it will clean all of that.

I understand thanks, I will be extra careful next time with dynatopo.
Using smooth tool with dynamic is a work around, but sometimes I would like to keep my imported mesh exactly in the state it was imported with my perfect quad mesh, that’s by I find layers useful.

But even if I understand how it works now, I think that it would be awesome if layers could preserve the mesh perfectly, or maybe not layers, it could be another option, I don’t know. I would love to use dynamic topology and be able to delete that layer just “erase” all the work done it that layer, without any “consequence” of that.