How remesh when drag with mask

Hello, in this model I mask the front and move to add a new element, but moving the mesh was stressed.
What is the best to remesh it and relax the mesh?
I try smooth it but don’t like the result, maybe split it and add new geometry and merge is the best?

If you remesh you will lose a lot of detail because to absolve that personally I would remesh at a low res - 200/300 perhaps - to organise it, but it might stunt the rest of the model. If you slice that piece away and insert a new section, you can just simple merge them together and continue working. Might be the better solution.

Yes, split and merge is the best way I guess.

With Smooth Do you mean Dynamic Mesh + Smooth ? Sometimes what I do is to use Smooth at zero + Dynamic Mesh just to add polygons.

There’s far too many vertices on y division and non on x in that section, adding more polys would create x but also absolutely gum up more on y. Could be isolated off and decimated and remeshed. But, that point just easy to make another piece the same to match up topologically with the rest. Just my opinion though.

What mean dynamic mesh? Sorry I’m newbie

Sorry I meant dynamic topology… in the Remesh section, DynTopo, enable Dynamic topology to change the level of detail with brushes. I use smooth at zero power so just to add or reduce topology in sections.

I try it but no smooth on any way. The mesh still the same.
I activate dyntopo at zero power.

Turn on Dynamic topo at some power (depending of size of polygons desired)… but I set smooth brush at zero so not to actually smooth but only add polygons, Dynamic topo turned on in the brush too (little diamond icon).

Ah ok ok, nice