Voxel remesh smoothing

First of all, great App ! I’ve been using Z-brush for many years, and it’s a nice sidekick to use on the road or on the couch.

One question, I noticed that after remeshing several times, I’m losing a lot of detail because the complete mesh seems to be remeshed and smoothes a little bit every time.

Is there a way to disable the smoothing ?



There is no smoothing but the remesher indeed has this issue.

Ideally the remesher should be improved but this is not straighforward.
One easier alternative is to simply reproject the mesh, it’s something that I’ll add in the future.

I took a quick look in blender and it looks like that’s what they are doing as well. They have an option “preserve volume” that, when unchecked, produces the same smoothing issue.

ZBrush manages to keep a stable even without the project option enabled.

(left is original, middle is current version, and right is with reprojection).
This is just a quick experiment with 10 remesh.
It will take some time before it’s released because I have lot of things to do first (I can’t just release it because it ages since it’s not optimized).


Hey, thanks for the quick reply, good to hear the issue in on the agenda.

Looks like reprojection is what we need.



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I’ve noticed that when I voxel merge, sometimes the quality of it lowers as well. However, I’ve also noticed that If I just use the simple merge, it doesn’t lower it at all, so i’ve just been using that. I’m a total noob and don’t know the difference between voxel and simple merge anyway. :joy:

Simple merge just combines the objects into one object, leaving the mesh unchanged. But it doesn’t actually merge them. The Voxel merge will actually connect the meshes/objects.

Make sure to display the wireframe when you use voxel remeshing, or any other option in Topology panel.
That way you can get a better understanding on what’s going on.

This is an issue I’m running into, and was hoping for a solution. Imsculpting a figure and have started joining each piece after some or a lot of detailing. However, merging even with the sliders cranked as high as possible, seriously degrades the mesh. Is there a way around this?


You can solve this by either breaking up your mesh into smaller pieces and remesh the smaller bits… this should allow you to have more detail. You can also go into the settings menu and increase the slider that says “max detail range” under the voxel/remesh section. This will allow you to increase the level of detail in your remesh slider