Voxel merge textured join and edge outcome

I’m having issues when merging two pieces together. The edges and joins come out rough and textured. I’m keeping the resolution at around 200 on all pieces before merging… subdividing helps a bit after this pixelated outcome but it doesn’t help the smooth tool and I’m struggling to smooth it out completely. Anyone knows what am I doing wrong, please?

It will look smoother when you activate smooth shading in the display settings (gears icon)

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Remesh at a higher resolution. Look at your original and the mesh size vs the remeshed model’s mesh size. You’re reducing resolution so much that there’s no way you can keep the same look.

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Increasing will help. There is a “keep sharp edges” check you can try.
Imagine voxel operation, like filling the sculpt volume with little cubes. The higher the remesh resolution the smaller the cubes.
But they are cubes. Cubes mean steps.
That’s why voxel remeshing is combined with a lost of detail and sharp edges.
The higher the resolution the less you’ll see the effect.