Need help with remeshing (for a noobie)

Hey guys,

I’m very new to 3D sculpting and I have been having a few problems with remeshing and all of that. I’ve been following a tutorial (Axolotl by Dave Reed) and I want to merge the “face” of the axolotl with the gills and the eyes. However, when I remesh (at a resolution of 200), I get some weird “artifacts” on the face and on the side of the gills (please see pic bellow). I’ve tried remeshing at a higher resolution and a lower one and the edges of the gills keep getting messed up.
Is this something normal ? or is there a setting somewhere that could be messing things up ?

Thanks a lot !

may be you have to increase the resolution and turn on “keep sharp edges” before remesing it

Thanks ! the “keep sharp edges” seems to have helped quite a lot. It also seems like some of the problems on the gills’ edges were caused by “Smooth shading” being turned on.

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glad to hear that!. you;re welcome :smiley: