Merging with dynamic topology?

Hey there! Quick question; I love using dynamic topology to quickly whip out a shape. But I keep running into a situation where I would like to join 2 pieces of topology together. Right now, I have to voxel remesh the pieces and then reactivate dynamic topology, but this changes the surface details of course.

I thought I could maybe use the reverse trim function to close holes but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas? Is it even possible to do it?

Anyone? I was sure someone would have an idea about how to go about this…

I’m not sure if this will help as it may be very different, but this post came to mind when reading your question: Objects that are close to each other merging after voxel merge

EDIT: Nope, never mind. I think it’s much too different. But I’ll leave the link up incase it spurs any /layer ideas or any other solutions.