Voxel Merge and Dynamic topology

Hello, I need help in using voxel merge. I don’t know if there is a workaround on this. I have a half body model and wants to add another primitive sphere or cylinder for the legs and arm. I have to voxel merge it instead of simple merge so that there are no mesh inside (i’ll be printing the model). I have a lot of details on the head and face using Dynamic topology turned on. Is there a way when using voxel merge will not loose my detailed head and face? If I keep on adding primitives then voxel merge with high resolution it keeps on adding more vertices and faces and will eats up my RAM. Is there a feature that will mask an area that will not be affected by voxel merge?

Thank you

Not possible.

What’s your hardware specs? What I’d do is to finish the model with separate parts, then ask somebody with powerfull hardware to voxel merge and decimate it for you.

It’s a learning curve, best to do all your voxel merging and any remeshes at the beginning of the sculpt when you’re frame building, then when entirely satisfied with the finalised shape, DT for the detailing afterward to avoid that issue. I understand where you’re coming from, but really is a case of just re-ordering your workflow on how you build the model to avoid detail pitfalls.

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Ipad 8th gen 32 gb. So far I have no issues or crashes when doing voxel merge in high resolution. It just takes time for me to sculpt coz I keep going over doing the detailed part again every time I voxel merge :frowning:

@John_Mills Yes it takes time for me to sculpt coz I keep going over doing the detailed part again every time I voxel merge. Your suggestion is correct. Thanks

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That suggestion is from experience, I’ve been there, I’ve re-detailed many times after voxel remesh. It’s a bastard. Adaptation is key. Good luck my friend.

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If you have Windows you can simple merge and load the mesh into 3d builder, merge it there and save it again. It will merge everything into one connected shape, but it will have triangulated everything.