Added option for Voxel Merge

I don’t know if this would be possible, and I’m sure it’s not a small fix even if it can be done, but could the voxel merge have an added option for merging two different objects while maintaining the majority of the voxel resolution of each object? Kind of keeping the voxel merge area that it affects to a band around the merged area (a dynamic topology merge?).

The current method is great for setting up a base. Keeps a nice clean resolution throughout. Not too worried about the smoothing since it’s just getting the base setup, and actually I think it’s helpful to not have to smooth out everything later. But once I start getting into a lot more detail in certain areas with the dynamic topology (especially when I’m getting into the millions),and then I start thinking about something new I’d like to add, a voxel merge would erase a lot of that detail (possibly on both objects).

Sure, I could have everything planned out from the beginning and never have this issue, but where’s the fun in that?

Also, what about text? I know, another weird kind of addition, but it could be useful at some point.

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Text is a pretty big addition that probably should be pretty far down on the line in my opinion - especially because you’re going to be able to pull your objects in to procreate soon and you’ll be able to paint with all the power of a dedicated software, and text is included in procreate as well.

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I could imagine a voxel subdivision regarding mask intensity.
100% mask = untouched
50% mask = 50% of voxel resolution
25% mask intensity = 75% of voxel resolution
0% mask intensity = 100% voxel resolution.

This could be more easy with some improvements for masking.
Lasso fill, polygon etc with an intensity slider. Helpful for quite other tasks as well.
A switch to show mask coloured by intensity like weights in rigging.
Red= 100% to orange, yellow, green and blue for almost 0% no colour for 0% mask intensity.

But there must be a reason why no masking is supported in voxel remesh?

Voxel merge with new “unlimited” resolution is sometimes a help - if enough memory is available.

About text: I would love to see a svg import with extrude options first. So one could anything including text.


I like all of that, great idea. Also, I was dreaming of some way to use vectors on a triplanar, or even just import an alpha for a triplanar today. I tweaked the mask tool a bit and it was somewhat manageable, but I find it quite difficult to get hard-surface perfection in this way. I ended up going with trimming and the line tool, and a bit of crafty angling.