Faceted after voxel remesh

It often happens that after a remesh voxel my smooth areas become faceted, I can not find a trick to be able to increase the detail on this kind of area without having the faces that appear. it’s the same with the topo dyna with crease for example it doesn’t really create a very smooth mesh. NOTE, it is much more obvious with very relfechissant materials in aluminum style. Of course you can use smooth but to get a good result you have to use a very strong intensity of smooth and then it takes a lot of time. So if anyone has a miracle technique.

It’s the same with zbrush and blender, isn’t it?

Your mesh is low poly, and a voxel remesher is only affected by geometry.
Simply disable smooth shading and you won’t have surprise like that.

I made some examples, how it affects an object with different multiresolution levels and explaination od Discord:
I think I’m starting to figure this out. Voxel remesh is making rebuild of an object (like filling an object with little cubes) with given shape (so with hard edges of low poly will stay that way). To smooth those hard edges, you have to make hi-res topology by using subdivision and then rebuild object by voxel remesh.

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The smooth shading activated or not gives the same result, in Zbrush after a zremesh and a subdivision the polygons are well smoothed.

Oh thx a try that

I don’t believe it.

Take the exact same sphere in zbrush and in Nomad, use the voxel remesher and compare it.
It needs to be the same polycount obviously.

Note: It’s normal that Smooth Shading doesn’t affect the result, the geometry isn’t change. My point is that with smooth shading disabled you already have a faceted look so no surprise on the output.

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the explanation of @Alex resolve my problem and no in zbrush i use default polysphere

I assure you it’s exactly the same behavior in Blender and Zbrush.

Blender and Zbrush are not going to magically subdivide the mesh for you before a voxel remesher.

I think I’m the one doing the wrong maneuver because as I said earlier with the alex method I get what I want, it’s very smooth. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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