Cannot sculpt lips after voxel remeshing the entire face

Screenshot_20240115_192953_Nomad Sculpt|375x499

I always start with the eyes, then the nose, and they’re just fine after voxel remesh many times. But when I’m working on the lips, it’s always ending up like this.

High poly count doesn’t help to smooth it out.

Maybe my technique is wrong?

Just a guess - does the mesh have a layer?

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It’s always best to share the whole screen when requesting help. To prevent a lot of unuseful guesses I highly recomend sharing an entire screenshot.

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In case it’s not a layer issue, small polygons produce “pointyness” when smoothing. There’s a “stable smoothing” switch in the smooth options which might improve things.

You can also try smoothing with DynTopo on, it makes the polygons more regular so they smooth in a rounder way.

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Or using the stable smoothing option in the smooth menu.
And increasing smooth intensity (it can go > 100%).

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Yes, I always create a new layer while sculpting because I’m scared of making mistake. Is it wrong?

Thank you, I didn’t know that feature before… I think it’s working…

I didn’t quite understand yet how to use that feature… Maybe I will try, thanks.

So when you voxel remesh e.g. two meshes with layers to one mesh, then the layers will also be merged, and if you sculpt then on the wrong layer, e.g. smoothing doesn’t work…

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Aaah okey… I didn’t think of it, thank you…