Bug when opening a saved file

I’m not the only one who had this problem, three people already said that the same thing happened yesterday

I’m seeing this a lot as well. From looking in the forum I think it’s a bug with the boolean toold (but not 100% sure). It’s a pain to fix but the trim tool and remeshing helped solve it for me. Hope this helps.

I didn’t use Boolean with this object. For everyone this happened after saving. I also removed it with the trim tool, then smoothed it out. It’s just infuriating that this happens on a finished project.

Then maybe it’s something else. I’ve also been getting this exact problem. We’ll have to wait for @stephomi oppinion.

I’ve run into this issue twice recently (using ver 1.83). I had stopped working and resumed later - Nomad seemed to have quit (it started from a black screen, undo history was zeroed-out). Meshes that were previously fine for a day or two suddenly had errors like this. One was instanced and all instances were affected.

The mesh in question was a low-poly box (a door) with a boolean-created hole (a window). The anomaly resembled what would happen if you masked a single vertice, then moved the object - a big spike from the edge of the hole.

Same issue happened a week ago with a ‘wall’ of joined low-poly planks - upon starting Nomad, it was as if the whole scene had moved slightly except for a few errant vertices, which presented as a bunch of weird spikes.

I usually assume things like this are user-error on my part, but the recent one was a super simple mesh so it was pretty clear something weird had happened.

Still have no way to replicate the issue.
The issue is not with the save but with something that happens before it.

I notice it pops up when I use the following - split tool & boolean
Usually it’s when I’m attempting to key a model (subtracting and adding low poly square shapes). I’ve tried to replicate it on other files but it seems to randomly happen. Those are the two tools that consistantly used when it does happen but I can’t replicate it to determine the culprit.

Trim and Split both uses the same Boolean algorithm (if “Boolean” option is on) so I suspect boolean is the issue.

Bugs like that are annoying since it doesn’t crash and isn’t easily reproducible.
It might or might not be fixed in next release, hard to tell. (1.83 is in beta on iOS, if some are interest I just need an email in PM)

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No problem. I’ll see if I can figure out a way to consistently replicate it :crossed_fingers:

Found the issue.
Strictly speaking, it’s not the boolean itself but using boolean is the only way to trigger the issue (using Trim, Split or Boolean directly).

As for existing project, files saved only once will load correctly, but if the corrupted file has been resaved a second time, it’s corrupted for good.

You can test nomad - WebAssembly

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Don’t get you: how can we test it, if the web app don’t allow loading? ;-p

You can always load any model on the web app.
And on the last link I pasted, you can export as well.

Ok…, did I miss something? The link I bookmarked does not allow loading,


and the one you posted does not allow to edit:

Don’t get me wrong - really want to support you! Any specific Browser I should use - on linux, firefox.

That’s the entire point, it’s only meant for import and export.
For example splitting a heavy scene in 2 files in order to load it on tablet, etc