Crash on reopening

It’s not a bug. It’s more likely a corrupt project. I was working on my dwarf. Doing a west with extraction, I was not sculpting with symmetry but did a mirror left right time by time. At stich, I found a hole with two polys. Closed this by pressing close hole two times.
I left the project to make a stich alpha. When going back, Nomad crashes. As I am saving incremental, I could load the project before I extracted the west from layer. That’s why I guess that some rats nest came with extraction or mirroring. If it’s for any interest I can send one corrupt file, there are three, all starting doing the west. The project has 52MB.

I tried both import options, crashing as well. No idea left what I could do else.

If you can replicate the crash reliably by just loading the model I’m interested, you can send it to me (email).

Fixed on next release, the issue was with the reverse algorithm.

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Is there any chance to avoid this? I have redone things and now this project crashes on opening again. Starting to be concerned loosing even more work and time.

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Can you export a GLB and open it elsewhere without problems? If so, maybe re-write a new GLB file after in Blender then bring it back into Nomad? Just brainstorming.

The odds of this bug to occur are pretty low to be honest.
It’s been 5 months since the release and it’s the first time I encountered such a bug (or at least reported for).

It only happens when the mesh can be reversed but there is some non manifold topology in it (plus a bit of randomness, as it depends on how the vertex are ordered).

Try “keep topology at import” in Settings, considering this particular bug it might work (it does in the file you sent).

Yes exactly see the FAQ n° 4 (@knacki)
You can unzip lz4 and open the file anywhere (then exporting back in glb or obj format).


Thank you guys. Thank very much!

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