Recover work

I have a file that was auto saved but now when I open it there are no objects and everything is gone. It still says that the file size is 337 mb and previews the sculpt when I go to open it but I see nothing once opened. Is there a way to recover this file. It’s like the data is still there as I did not delete anything.

I can probably fix the file if you send it to me (gmail or gdrive,
You can zip the file.

Otherwise you can try opening the file in, search for "name":.
There’s likely an issue with one of the object’s name, so you can try fixing it but it might be technical a bit.

Thank you Stephen I just sent you a link to that file. Hope you can help me. I absolutely love Nomad and what you’ve done with it. Great work!

Argh I won’t be able to fix the file.

It looks like the file was meant to be +700Mb but was truncated for some reason (it is ~500Mb unzipped).
I supposed it crashed before the file could be written entirely.

It’s probably best to do manual backup when handling big file.

Thanks for trying. I started this just for fun and then it started to take the shape of a production piece. I’ll be more careful in the future to backup and save incrementally. Have a happy new year.