My sculpt is gone and I don't know why. Please help me! :(

I finished my weird monkey creature sculpt and I exported it as glTF so I can do some tweaking on Blender. When I import the file onto Blender, all I get is the weird looking mesh you see on the picture.

So I thought maybe I should export it as obj instead. When I reopen the app, instead of seeing my cute monkey, I get this weird mesh.

I’m so bummed about this as this is my first ever sculpt and I’ve spent days on it.

Can anyone tell me what happen and possibly save my sculpt? Thank you!

Hm sorry, it doesn’t look good, I’m afraid the file is corrupted for good but can you send me the file so that I can take a look at

The file can be found in Nomad/projects folder.
You can check if there is a Nomad/can_be_deleted folder as well.