Vanishing Scene

Bug reports

Hi there first post.

I tried to export an image in an un saved sculpt today and after the process it returned to Nomad and the scene was just a sphere, my sculpt was gone and I cant seem to find it anyway neither the exported image?

any idea if my sculpt or image are floating about any ware or gone for good?


Ah sorry I’m afraid it’s lost.

There’s an issue with the “save image” option, it will be fixed on the next release (“save to files” is working fine though).

Auto save only occurs when you switch the app to background or quit the app.
But even then you should save regularly because there is not guarantee the auto save will succeed (iOS impose a time limitation for this task).

it makes total sense now why 4 of my test sculpt are nowhere to be found.

***running ver 1.30 ***

I’ll probably remove the autosave so that it is less confusing.

Instead I’ll add a popup that shows regularly that asks if you want to overwrite your current project.

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