Crash during unwrap, file nonexistent upon reopen?

My file crashed during unwrapping, and I know I had it saved & had auto save on, but upon opening nomad again I don’t see the file at all in the project folder. Any ideas what happened? If I have to recover the file, what can I do? I backed up my iPad today.

Files -> Open doesn’t show your project?

No, it’s not there. I’m thinking it got deleted somehow.

I can’t help you if I have no information.
Things usually don’t get deleted like that.

What do you have inside Nomad folder in the iOS file app?

Checking the files app, there is an old version of the file and my other projects. This is the file I recovered from the trash after I tried to export an obj right before the crash, but it’s clearly a much older version. I let the autosave do all the saving, I don’t think I did any manual saves, but I don’t understand why it’s not the latest version when there was a save shortly before the crash.

Once again, did you try to open your project again in Files -> Open?

You told me “it’s not there” but I’m not sure I believe it since you are telling me the “old” file is still there.
Do not pay attention to the thumbnail, the autosaves are in the Nomad/data/ folder.

From Nomad or the file explorer on the iPad? Both have only the old version, which I recovered after I deleted the export I was going to use for texturing a few minutes before the crash. This file is not up to date like I should have been though, which is what I don’t understand.

Have to reply twice because I can only add one photo.

Opening the data folder, there are these preview images but no 3d objects.

If there is no autosave.glb inside the data folder, then the autosave is gone for good.

What do you mean exactly by “recover”? I think that’s what led to the deletion of the autosave.

If you delete or replace the file in the projects folder then the associated data/ folder (with the autosave) will be deleted as well.

I exported a separate file before I tried to UV unwrap because I wanted to open it in Procreate and didn’t know it had to be UV unwrapped first. I deleted the extra file I exported before trying to unwrap the new version because I thought I wouldn’t need it since it didn’t have the UV information. I didn’t delete it from Nomad’s file folder, just the iPad file browser. It wasn’t labeled with an autosave.glb file type.

As long as you didn’t export the file inside the Nomad/projects folder, it’s fine.

Not sure what went wrong then, either autosave never occurred (a popup should appear) or maybe you hit the discard button by accident (but unlikely since there is a confirm popup as well)?

So far there is no known issue concerning autosave, usually when something is wrong I got tons of bug user report.

Is there any recovery feature in Nomad?

No there is not.

In some special case, you can find some files in Nomad/can_be_deleted.

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