Crash and possible file corruption?

I was working on this sculp and while I has a few crashes things were fine.
While combining some some mirrored shapes the app crashed badly and wouldn’t reopen.

I tried getting older files to open and the app would stay black then crash.
I copied my project folder onto my ipad, deleted the app, downloaded the app again, and have been able to open old files without issue but this apple file won’t open or import.

It also appears to be HUGE (Screen shot attached) But there’s no way this is more complex than that I’ve created before.

Any advise?

Bug reports

You can try nomad - WebAssembly, otherwise I’d need the file to see if something is wrong.

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That’s sounds cool. I’ll try the web thing. Maybe in the web thing I can Dete some thing I don’t need and salvage the key bits?