Topology Division Bug

Hi Stephane! Reporting a benign, arbitrary bug I found when I made a new box primitive, I was reducing the topology (Division X) to low figure, got to 0, and from there the slider reacts but the increment retained a 0 reading - if I manually input a figure, the slider works as it should until I go back to 0. I then tried it with a few random primitives, It happens to them all when their topology hits the equivalent of 0 (3 for torus, etc.)

Slight update, seems to happen at a threshold of below 3 universally, I went to resume my sculpt and found that I had to manually input a figure higher, 4 onwards is fine.

You can see the logs about sliders Nomad Change Log - #32 by stephomi

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Just had a read, didn’t see this section in the forum - ideal! Thank you