8-sided division

Hi Stephan, just a query really - not so much a feature request, when reducing topology of primitives - cylinder for example - along the division x, it jumps from 6 to 12, with the inability to input anything in between. It’s impossible to quickly make an octagon - it jumps from hexagon straight to a dodecagon is it possible to tweak the code so it would allow for this, or would this just require an entire over-haul and largely be moot to try and implement. Thanks dude!

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Not trivial.
Unless I do it with a star-shaped filling algorithm, but I don’t want to that since it creates bad topology for sculpting (that’s what most 3d software do).

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Understandable dude - thank you for the insights.

I’ll probably do something about it someday, maybe extending some special case (7, 8).

But it’s just not high priority since I need to do some overhaul stuffs to the primitive system first.
First adding UV to most primitives, or adding custom profile for the tube primitive.

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Champion, thank you Stephan - I have faith in your decisions as always. Looking forward to 1.66 :grin:

You can trick a bit with the UV Sphere detour to create any division.