Negative and infinite layer factor

Would that be useful?

I was thinking about that when reading this feature request.

I do hesitate though, if I do it it would be disabled by default and it would be available behind a checkbox. Either a global checkbox (just beside the “UI: expand list” one. Or a per-layer checkbox (in the … section).

I tend to prefer the global checkbox.
And if one of the layer is using negative or >=1 factors, unchecking the checkbox wouldn’t clamp the factor.

Edit: I think I will go with a simpler solution:
instead of fiddling with the main intensity slider, I could simply change the “offset factor” (inside the … layer section).

  • no need for checkbox since it’s already and advanced usage.
  • no confusion with painting (negative and >= 1 factors make less sense with colors).
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Ahhh…That sounds interesting…and pretty much what I was looking for.

So even brushing at less than full intensity, it could still blend properly (not get mixed up with the clamping)? If so, it sounds ideal to me! :smiley:

A ton of thanks!!!

Good idea using position factor. For the delLayer it might still make sense to add an “alt” mode that just goes into the opposite of the computed direction

Would “inifinite slider” mean that if you type in a value >1 in this case the slide would extend its range, or would it just be a one time allowance of that value?
In XSI, the sliders used 2*the new value as the new max/min.

An little indication whether a slider has extendable range might be useful


It felt terrible last time I tried.
Maybe it needs some tweaking but I don’t feel like doing it right now.

I did that at first, but ultimately I feared people would be confused as the knob going back to the middle of the slider would feel weird.

So there is no knob, you can see an example in the voxel detail slider

It makes sense but there are some special cases where you want non-linear growth.
Typically for the spot light intensity, it’s a quadratic growth (the light falloff is following an inverse-square law).

I updated the web version with the pending release.
I’m still not sure if the infinite slider behavior is the good solution… (just the UX of the slider itself, not the layer factor)

Some software I’ve used (After Effects comes to mind) has sliders for the “we strongly recommend this range”, but will let you manually type values outside of that range. Not super-discoverable, but that might be good for avoiding the “hey I tweaked this setting way too high and things got weird” support emails.

Also, it looks like cranking the infinite slider up, making changes, then lowering it has some odd behavior (maybe not avoidable due to the nature of what’s being done):


High value:


Lowered back down:

I think it should be fine because most infinite sliders have direct visual feedback (spot intensity, primitive radius/size).
The exception is the detail slider but I added some colors warning.

Yes there’s an issue, setting the main slider to 0 should convert back to the original shape.
I’ve update the link. Layer -> sculpt -> offset 2.0 -> main slider to 0 now reverts back to the original shape.

I think the UI is fine, innovative but still easy to “discover”. Was just about to write it might be too narrow for use with fingers but checked again, that’s fixed already with the new big dot in the middle :slight_smile:


What about radio buttons for pre-defined values with corresponding markers in the main layer window?

Maybe it would be crippling the feature too much, although I can’t imagine anyone using values beyond +/- 2 for position offset.

the infinite slider is good but not for everything, for example for the resolution of the remesher / global it is a little dangerous I find.

There’s a color warning AND a confirmation popup so it should be fine (at least on final 1.44)

One reason why it’s now infinite:

  • when you use the voxel sub level slider you can now use a bigger detail value for voxels
  • it’s not a common case but the « global remesher » sometimes need very high value if you only want to subdivide a small unmasked part
  • the old system with the separate option to extend the range sucked

Of course I could put a limit, it doesn’t make sense to have too high value.
But the infinite slider is also a hint that most of the time you are dealing with something that is linked to the mesh/scene size.