Depth filtering features

I’m loving the depth filtering feature. Thanks for adding it so quickly!

A couple of additions to it that I think would be really nice:

  • Add it to tools other than paint. Mostly brush masking, but I could see value in adding it to most/all tools (though I suspect you’d start getting weird results trying to sculpt with it, and that would probably be more annoying than useful)
  • Value preview. Similar to the paint material preview that shows the selected material on the whole object, while dragging the depth filter value slider, highlight the areas on the current object that match the value, so you don’t have to set a value, test, change the value, test, etc. to get the desired result.
  • Ability to link depth filtering to pen pressure. Say, I paint lightly across a surface and it only paints the peaks of the model, but if I apply more pressure, it fills down into the cavities as well.

Previewing is impossible because it depends on the brush radius.
Maybe I’ll improve the whole thing when I’ll do mesh-level deformation.

Linking it to pen pressure is interesting, maybe later.


Interesting. I guess it has to rely on the brush, huh? Since it’s probably doing something similar to the flatten tool, where it takes an average of the current brush area and then calculates -1 to 1 or whatever based on that.

Makes sense, since there’s no like, objective way to determine “height” I suppose. Darn.

Ah well.

Is it possible to use a mask with depth filtering?
I have a model I want to add a texture (stamp tool) to the face only leaving lower surfaces untextured.

Good point. Depth filtering is needed for masks. Would probably come along with an older request of mine - Ambient Occlusion to mask
Adjustable with preview :sunglasses: For complete model though, but unmasking unnecessary stuff is quickly done.

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