Ambient Occlusion to mask

Cavity masking so to say. Would be very cool.


The new paint height filter would probably work (if he didn’t already add it to the mask brush. I haven’t checked).

True and thanks for the hint. Oversaw that this was in change lock and that it is released :clap:
Anyway, masking AO has some advantages, like adjusting with visual feedback. And a mask leaves a bunch of options for other tools.

But now…check new version! Hurray!

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I didn’t notice if height filter made it to the mask brush too. Did it?

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Can’t find this option.

What is paint height? :thinking:
My knowledge is sooo lowwww. :sweat_smile:

It’s just on the paint tool, looks like (and I had the name wrong. Depth filtering):

My bad, it’s depth and works quite nicely

If it’s not available on the mask brush, that would be a great addition IMO.

Better is Ambient Occlusion to mask as you have perfect visible feedback. One can unmask unnecessary later.