Masking by cavity

A question about masking, is there any tips or tricks to mask by cavity or AO? Your welcome if you have any approach

Have you tried the Depth Masking under Filter?

Nope, I didn’t know about it. I found a old video on YouTube from Glenn southern about a process to paint with a depth filtering but the video was 3 years ago and the button as dissappear) . It looks like that depth masking filter do the same job, with the layer system it works fine but I have to investigate a little bit more. Thank you for it.

I never found ZBrush’s depth masking very useful (Not sure if it works the same in Nomad).

I first thought it would be something like dry brushing, but the way it works is different. It produces some random weird effects but overall too hard to control or predict… but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

The settings aren’t obvious. I’ve just recorded a quick tutorial which should be up in an hour. It works well once the settings have been figured out. Took some head scratching to figure out though!


Here’s the tutorial