Small idea

I know we are in full beta, but by dint of using nomad, see more than nomad so good and pleasant it is to sculpt in your bed, in your sofa, in camping, in short everywhere.

I wondered if features like

The cavitymask

The addition of VDM brush (vector displacement)

A library for our assets

Would that be possible?

Thank you again and again for your work Stephomi

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While not a real cavity mask per say, there is the possibility to use depth filtering with the paint tool. Kinda wonky and only useful for painting but I’v used it on a project or 2. Now for sculpting it would be practical!


you can combine it with sculpting at same time. This way you can paint and sculpt according to cavity mask style.
Right! It’s not same, but better than nothing :wink:

What? how? The depth filtering option only appears when using the paint tool, I see no way of using it with any sculpting brushes. Please tell! What secret technique wizardry is this?

I would like to see this too because it is very useful for sculpting

Use both at same time. Color and sculpting. Best with dynamic radius and on a layer.
When done, duplicate layer and use one to adjust sculpting offset, and the other layer to control color, metalness, roughness. To keep paint job separated.
Just an idea.

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Knacki yes of course. But that is not really similar to using depth masking but I guess it’s better than nothing. :relaxed:

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