Can I paint using AO or curvature?

Hey guys I was wondering if its possible to paint inside nomad with some sort of AO or curvature mask.

If so, how can I get to it?

There is depth painting. It can help but you have to set your depth range and keep trying until you get the right setting.

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That brings a question I had the other day to mind… can we bake ao directly to a texture?

There is no texture support in Nomad. So baking AO won’t be possible. The only texture support are alpha maps and background image.
It’s all vertex painting. Unfortunately to bake AO or to texture paint you will have to use something like Zbrush or Blender.

I requested AO to mask but there was no response.
This would be a great deal for depth filtering with real-time visual feedback and could be used for much more than only painting.

This is the request. I am not sure if UVs are necessary

Give it some support. No need to be that complicate as in zBrush. Just the lovely @stephomi style :grinning:

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Or perhaps layer blend modes could do the trick? Then you can set a layer to multiply.

I do read the feature requests but I usually don’t comment on them anymore, unless the feature is simple/trivial to implement or already planned/in-development (AO baking is not).

If it’s a bug report, it got top priority though.


It was not you meant personally but more that others didn’t show that much interest. But I still think it would be very useful to have this or at least general depth filtering for all tools. Whatever, the results are already fantastic with Nomad, so what? Just nice to have.