Moving not smooth

Newbie to sculpting. When I use move it’s lumpy not like any tutorials I just watched.

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Try softer falloff and reduce the intensity of the brush.

Hi sorry have no idea what you said haha.
Are there new tutorials using current version showing all basics. I tried following beginner tutorial on YouTube but it must not be showing what your talking about and how to set. I come from the opposite end of modeling ( engineering)

I was having this exact issue and despite the tutorial (Dave Reed’s) using full intensity I think I’ve finally gotten rid of the damn circles by lowering it to about 65. Its the slider just above Sym and below brush size on the left side of the screen.

As Genko3D mentioned, adjusting the falloff or your brush helps a lot.

Adjust king it so it has a softer falloff will make it so you can have the brush at 100%+ and still not see the circles.