Work with brushes move and smoothing

hello, I’m sorry, maybe I’m not understanding something… When I use the move brush (I need to align the eyelashes in the upward direction), does the mesh move parallel to the ground plane? and the second question! Why is the smoothing brush not working correctly? dips must be leveled!

to the second question

Looks like your finger may have accidentally hit the “normal” button on the left side. Try toggling it off and see if that works better for the move tool.

Can’t really tell if the same thing could be the issue with “relax” for the smooth without seeing everything. Could be another setting, or the mesh might be too dense to notice it working.

I need to raise my lash line. but the program is moving in the wrong direction! (wrong direction shown in red)

AS @SporkFuMaster said, you probably accidently hit the “normal” button. You can find it under the symmetry button on left. Try deactivating that.