What is Spot Light?

Hmmm while playing with my cement This slips through my mind about spot light from @knacki topic (Sculpted joy - #16 by CharlesLG) what’s that? I mean what kind spot light for sculpt?

It is just light that focus on object?
Something like this?

Or it’s something else? :thinking:

Yes, imagine a spot light as a cone of light emitted.

In bigger 3d packages you can change the radius of the light cone, hard shadow to soft shadow, how far the light reaches, you can include exclude object etc. etc. And you can define it as a projector with an alpha in front of light.

Nomad light is directional only so far. Imagine it as infinite sized cylinder emitting light in one direction only. In Nomad the light direction is shown by arrow.

Seeing your pictures, I was inspired to do some fake spot lights in Nomad. You probably have done this as well?
Still , light is directional and can be placed anywhere, but due to thiese blends

and environmental exposure to zero. You can achieve this in Nomad:

Fun :smiley:

For next release actually.


Hurray! :vulcan_salute: :heart_eyes:

Yes I did though perhaps not recommend actually, for some people can be uncomfortable I think. :thinking:
And it’s also not as flexible as yours :smile:

The real one would be more awesome. :smile:

Cool idea! Thanks for sharing.

Nah it’s silly idea I think :sweat_smile: thanks too with your knowledge to share. :+1:t2:

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