Handling of spotlight

Hi all, I can’t seem to get a good handle of trying to position the spot light in the desired 3D spaces. I know I can use the three coloured square to try and move them in the specific plane but somehow no matter what I do, my lights will end up in the wrong side of the 3D spaces… any advices on this? Thanks in advance.

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It’s 3D world orientation, which is more or less difficult for individuals.
But everyone will get it sooner or later, I am sure.

To make it short: switch to point light, switch off perspective, use plain views, like top, side etc, after positioning, switch back to Spotlight and do your rotational positioning, put down environment exposure to see Spotlight better, Done.

In detail:

Switch to point light for doing rough positioning. The controls are much more easy. Just Position, no Rotation. (You can switch to spot later again)

Switch off perspective and use plain view like Top, front, side views.
Tap orientation Cube for snapping to plain view, or put camera snap icon to your bottom left shortcut bar via interface menu.
Orthographic (no perspective) makes it more easy to position.
Always start with one plain view to adjust two axis. Top is a good starter. Then switch to front view and do last axis, in that case Y for placing height.

Switch back to spot light. To see Spotlight better, put environment exposure way down. Now you can see the light hitting objects clearly. Try to adjust the rotation axis only till you hit where you want.
Now you can adjust the Spotlight cone angle and softness.
Do some fine tuning of your position.
Maybe you want to put up environment exposure when your done.

Go on with your light settings. :vulcan_salute:

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