Objects with their own light

Hi! I’m going crazy and I don’t know how to make a lightsaber light effect … Where is that option to give this effect?
For example like these rays

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Go into material menu & change it to additive. May need 2 or 3 copies@ different scales in order to get it to look correct.


Are those light beams painted inside procreate or 3d mesh inside Nomad…?

Make the object additive and use the bloom feature and adjust the threshold. Painting the object will make the color change. This is also a good way to create lighting effects.

Use it on a sphere to create a fake point light.

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Hi! I just got home from a hard day’s work, I’m going to take a closer look at your tutorial and try something. Thank you very much Dr tuto! :smiley::clap::clap::clap:


I have achieved the glow effect, even though the object is not really after light. I’m making a lightsaber invented by me.


Looking good. :+1:t2: