Low poly modeling

Solution : make a light kind of 3dsmax dor ipad lol.

I would LOVE a to see some box modeling tools like ZModeler or at least some hard surface tools to get nice even sharp edges. A different kind of remesher would be great, something other than vowel which tends to destroy sharp edges and of course any dynamic resolution.

I’ve been using Shapr3d for a little over a year and while far from perfect, it’s far superior to Onshape. Sadly the cost is too high. Being a teacher, I was able to get the free educational license. But bring files from Shapr3D into Nomad usually doesn’t work. Even if they can be imported, they can’t be subdivided without falling apart or just becoming a mess of triangles.

On a side note, there IS a traditional type modeling app for iPad called SKETCH 3D http://www.nurbs-g.com/ but the user interface is so completely anti-intuitive it just can’t be used, By accident I was able to draw some polys, extrude, rotate, etc. but I couldn’t actually get polys to go where I wanted, I wish the developer would team up with a UI expert… I recommend you check it out though, maybe someone can figure it out.

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If you are on android like me you can try this app for basic box modelling but sadly it’s requires an annual subscription of INR 1599 for exporting obj…

Shapr3d is powerful and easy to learn but since a couple of days i try onshape and i give up one time but the communauty help me and this app is powerful like Shapr3D.

I see this but is not for ipad :frowning: if fonctionnality like prisma3d was includes in nomad… no limit for the création.


Please add Low Poly molding tools, Nomad is already capable of much more complicated features. This will open the door for so much more possibilities. Also adding tools to make hard surfaces would be great!


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I’ll add my upvote for more box-modeling features as well. C’mon Stephane, it’s what the users want! :wink:

Seriously though, just some basic verts/edges/faces manipulation would do wonders. Being able to extrude/inset faces, insert and slide edge loops, and bevel edge selections would be great additions. I am sending positive vibes in your direction! :smile:


Maybe at some point.
It’s something I’m thinking about regularly, but there are still things I want to do first.


That’s good to hear. :+1:t2:
I’m very happy at what’s been done so far with Nomad in a year. Low poly modelling tools would be a great asset to Nomad. If the ability to low polygon model and basic deformation was in Nomad I will probably use Zbrush a lot less or very rarely. :slightly_smiling_face:


New mask selection is almost there for very basic box modelling. Except it generates a new mesh each time. So close to extrude :vulcan_salute:

I haev recently started using Nomad, and I am adding my vote on this to support for low poly modelling :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Any updates on this topic? Or any other alternative iPad box modellers ? Would love edge / face extrusion , vertex selection ,edge split, weld …. wouldn’t need much more to make nomad an even more killer modelling app.


Yup, give me insert edgeloop, merge vertices and extrude polygon/edge and we have 80% of a good polygon modeler.

As for alternative dedicated polygon/subD app. I would easily pay 100-200$ for a blender or maya like software on iPad.

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If you use split without closing holes and simple merge after, the vertices are automatically welded.

So the basic tech is there.
One idea from today:
I would love to touch the transform gizmo move handle, after it is active, I touch smooth. Now it performs a extrude function.
This is already possible, but with lots of steps.
If there would be an “open shell” function, that you can simple merge and auto weld after would be already a step. Automated simple merge ……and extrusion is ready. :star_struck: would be cool.

@Holger_Schoenischka is a low poly master with Nomad doing things I never would have thought about.
Follow him and learn amazing stuff.


I’m just here to upvote this, lowpoly modelling tools in nomad haha +1


Definitely my #1 request as of now. Would be so valuable to retopologies

hey +1 for extrusion add some faces vertex bevel … would be a dream on tablet :slight_smile: there is no good app on Android like nomad .

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create a highpoly model and decimate it to the maximum

I would only recommend Decimnation, after you copied/duplicated your work. After decimation, your model isn’t anymore workable or editable…


When one sculpts in clay does one have low level clay? I understand such software can be time consuming to get such results. There is better software to get said results. One must learn how to use this software for such results. Rome was not built in a day nor was the sculptures that did hard surfaces with a mallet and chisel…you can use free software to import low poligons. To demand from others to make your work easier is quite the demands on them. Would it be fair of them to demand for you to do better in hard surfaces??