Suggestions mega pack and possible bugs

New Features suggestions:

I) Objects groups. Other users suggested this already so I’ll just let you know that I’m all for it too.
II) Caustics simulation if at all possible in some way.
III) Some sort of subsurface scattering material property.
IV) Different wavelength refraction property.
V) The “Decimation” result is pretty cool, might there be a way to use the same logic to increase polygons instead?

Existing features Improvements:

A) I think the snap cube faces should feature consistent colors with the absolute gizmo axes. Something like:
Right = red;
Left = cyan;
Top = green;
Bottom = magenta;
Front = blue;
Back = yellow.
B) There should probably be a way to keep triangles when subdividing unvalidated objects. Mainly used for icosahedron, as that’s the default subdivision behavior when valideted.
C) This is likely planned but I’d love to have point lights cast shadows.
D1) I believe the ellipse and rectangle shapes in “Trim”, “Split” and “Project” tools should have a ‘validate’ button just like the “Polygon” and “Path” shapes have (the green one). This is done to allow some editing before the thing is applied.
D2) What if tapping with a second finger while drawing the shape enabled/disabled fixed ratio mode (ellipse → circle, rectangle → square) as long as said finger is pressed?
E) HSL or HSV/HSB color sliders mode alogside the wheel in color pickers.
F) Ability to crop imported environments instead of force stretching them.

Most likely bugs:

  1. Refractive objects present strange halos in some cases. I’m not sure what causes this but I can attach an image if needed.
  2. Refractive objects are not shown inside other refractive objects. This might be a rendering engine limitation but I hope it can be fixed.
  3. Some UI elements behave poorly with custom ui scale settings. Some examples include a couple ( ? ) icons when “Panel Width” is less than ~300 and most help popups in the history settings panel which, however, seem to always be broken.
  4. Help popups color is inconsistent with the rest of the ui.
  5. If an unvalidated torus has an “Angle” property less than 2π (unclosed) and its “Hole” property is unchecked, the “Division Z” property makes no sense to me, as it only affects one polygon. I would expect no difference from having both holes at 0 and having the “Hole” checkbox disabled, but that’s not the case. I feel there might be a reason but I just don’t get it.

That was quite a lot of stuff but there’s likely more I forgot.
Anyway, I’m still very grateful you brought us such a cool app that gets even better by the day, keep up the good work!

Bear in mind I’m not really a sculptor and I mainly use Nomad alongside drawing apps so I might have missed something.

Some very nice thoughts!

V = Subdivision, there are many options. Maybe I don’t get your intention.
Simple subdivision,
Dynamic topology with smooth brush, intensity on zero, dyntopo set on subdivision, constant. You can draw detail where you want, or use grab-dynamic radius to apply to whole mesh.
Easier is remesh in this case though, result is same.

A) Never thought of that.
Even though the arrows are showing the moving axis they are the most obvious. So why not use them?
Z axis = blue / front = light blue / back = dark blue
X axis = red / right = dark red / left = light red or pink
Y axis = blue / top = light blue / bottom = dark blue

C) I made a complete list for this as I see huge potential to improve for any shapes. Have a look Here

Good list!

Would be nice to see some works from you as well :vulcan_salute:

My goal for the “Decimation” suggestion is to introduce some randomness in polygons shape simply because I like the look of it. I do know that it’s probbaly not the best approach because the geometry should ideally be as orderly as possible, but I like how it looks so…

Light/dark shades of the same hue could indeed work great but the current cube features 6 (more like 5) different hues so I based my suggestion on that. I used the gizmo axes positive direction colors for the 3 cube sides that face that direction and then I used complementary colors for the opposite ones. This is, I think, consistent with both the current number of hues the cube has and with gizmo colors. Having that said, I like the light/dark solution too, so it all comes down to what the dev likes the most.

Indeed, you pointed out some very interesting things in your other post like snapping to allow fixed degree angles (15° steps maybe?). It makes sense to merge “polygon” and “path” shapes too because, as you said, there’s no need to have both when there could simply be a “close shape” button.
I hope it’s ok that I replied to that here; Your suggestion is kind of an extension to mine so we could maybe use this newer post for both?

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Answering here or there…there is no feature request thread being bumped for ages, like in Procreate forum I.e.
To be honest, Stephane, as a single person, is releasing more features a month than the Tasmanian Witcher in a full year. Maybe that’s the reason. :joy:

For your decimation process: Remesh does almost what you want. I would really play around with smooth, dyntopo, intensity on 0 and all options, like uniformsation, subdivision, decimation.
If you are after an artistic effect, that’s the way to go with best control!

I’ll surely try messing around with things, maybe there’s a specific combination I’ve yet to discover that does the trick.