Path for all tools

Path has a huge potential, for work but also for improvements.

  1. Polygon should be replaced by path.
    Consistency first through all tools.
    Wether it’s tube, lathe, trim, split, project, mask ……or all other brushes, path should be available and should have same name and function.
    Polygon from selmask etc. is way less comfortable than path in tube, which is also newest development.
    It should be same everywhere, with closed function and lovely spline for very smooth curves.

  2. Make path available for every tool
    This is a bit critical, as it goes deeper into UI philosophy.
    In other apps, all path, rectangle, circle etc. options are not bounded to one brush, but to stroke menu.

Plus: lots of options for all tools
Minus: not so easy to overview and elegant to use.

I could imagine just one button opening the path options right on top, like tube options. But with rectangle, ellipse and without hole etc.

  1. Make every path/shape moveable
    This could be a green dot for rectangle and ellipse as well, but I would prefer the extra finger on screen = move option. Pencil + two fingers = rotate & scale, which can be improved a bit. I don’t feel to have direct control like it is now. It’s more like playing with a balloon if you know what I mean.

  2. Add snapping
    Snapping to grid, snapping to object, snapping to vertex, snapping to angle, snapping to other path points for 90 degree angle, horizontal and vertical match.

  3. Add a stamp tool
    A path once executed is gone forever. A stamp tool can let you execute the path without deleting it. You can move it afterwards and execute it again. This will be even more interesting when path is also available for all other brushes, also painting. Gonna be a monster tool!

  4. Array distributes the path evenly. Useful for grids.

Nomad is growing fast. Unreal fast. In path menu it is visible that it is very hard to keep all tools uptodate.
But if this is once touched, please consider above suggestions. The applause from all artists is guaranteed, I am sure!

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