Polygon tool enhancements

This is an example for a nice modification of polygon tool. It’s simple and maybe easier than Bezier. Tap on points to change between corner and smooth.

Missing some precision tools. This would be a huge step already.

it would duplicate the tri planar.

And trim tools and masking for engrave and and and.
Smoothing is very good, but me I like to fiddle around till perfect.

I like the idea, I was thinking about a smooth option or something for the polygon shape but having precise control per control point is nice.

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That sounds brilliant.
The function has an auto hide for control points, when moving and all are hidden except those you could weld. That makes it very practical.

You mean like adding handles? Ala illustrator? That would be awesome. Totally agree

With the 3D handle addition in the newest release curves are already far more usable for normal editing than ZBrush’s.

A red circle appears around certain nodes during the initial creation of curves, with ability to hold a node with the pencil & scale / move around. That red circle makes me think that a further gesture could be added for the sharpening or softening of the selected node - maybe functioning like an invisible slider on the screen? Sharpen to the right / soften to the left? Not too sure if this would over complicate the gestures as they’re currently fine.