Edited: Make Polygon points black as default state

I would like to request to make the Polygon points black in the default state. Instead of white.
It would improve the workflow a little bit. It is not a big thing, but it saved some clicks and taps while working.
same thing goes for the lasso tool. To be able to select straight lines like the selection tool in procreate would be also a solution.
Another thing would be: The current Nomad and straight line selection/slice functionality goes over the whole screen.

The “Zbrush” inspired way would be to be able to control the lengh of the straight slice/selection.
Its precision and control make it a valuable addition and flow improvement. Especially for hard-surface and the new upcoming extraction possibilities. I have added a quick visualisation what I mean. I know there is Polygon and there is stabilizer, bit it is not the same within a workflow.


:point_up_2: I wanted to raise this topic again, as I was working on some challenging surface elements yesterday. I realized how much it could enhance the workflow to have the capability to create controlled lines in lenght and direction to slice, cut, or select instead of having to switch to the polygon tool.

Lazy rope is not working since it looses it’s precision. Polygon works but are more steps then basically needed in many situations.

Has anyone else experienced a similar impression while working?

Not quite the same i know but i found disabling autovalidate (for boxshape for instance) and using the cutter-shape like a tablesaw for several cuts helps a bit with continuous slicing :laughing:

So, after thinking about it for a while I got your wish, I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

Simply said:
You want the path behaviour from “project” for split and trim as well!?
Like I suggested on discord already, a very simple and straight forward integration could be an “open/closed” toggle like in profile of tube tool.
When open, you can draw lines, the little arrow indicates cut direction.
By tap and drag on green point, you can move the line, short tap on green dot to execute.

Even though, Gradient like in zbrush is more nice, it covers too much of area where you want to see what you want to cut. The little arrow is more view friendly, isn’t it? But it is not the most elegant solution, I agree.
I tested a bit yesterday, but as zBrush already burnt gradient use like it is in our brain, it is hard to find alternatives. But just copying….? Nah.

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Some thoughts

And some options with auto validate off

Or very “simple” when poly is open, points switch to 3 angles showing cut the direction.


Thank you very much for the thinking!! I must say that the project option is the closest, still not perfect, but close. of course, as well as unvalidated square and moving it around. Thank you for your time and suggestions, I appreciate that a lot

You are welcome. I am happy to help and I try my best.
But I have to be honest with you.
I will also try my best to avoid same slice curve behaviour as in zBrush.
Any kind of zBrushs curve control is remembering me of trying too hold slippery eels with bare hands.
It is maybe fine when practising day and night, like every tool in zBrush is fine, if you are doing nothing else than zBrushing. And when you have twenty fingers and four hands.
But I will never forgive that this program robbed months of my lifetime.
Just because some freaks wanted to do everything completely different than other apps.
Sometimes not to do it better, but to do it different and without user in mind.
Started with saving. :vulcan_salute: Gollum :rofl:

hahaha Oooh I agree completely!

well, honestly the only and absolute main pain point I am referring to and request is basically
Lasso or path tool > tap once tap twice and you get a sharp, angeld line of the lenght of your choice and bam! trim and/or split. No need for point adjustments or any additional taps.
Honestly @stephomi I think the polygon is already like that. just the adjustment points should be inversed, like black instead of white in standard mode. I might change that request to that

Maybe a selectable option for either soft or sharp corners to be default :smile:
(or just a checkbox for sharp corners as default)