Better Trim Tool

This App is amazing and could compete with many pc programs. The major downside for me is the Trim tool that is unable to cut straight corners. I know nothing about programming, but if you could improve this at the level of 3d Coat Cut Tool it would be for me the far from most best sculpting app.

Have you tried different ways yet?

  • Boolean
  • Project (Instead of cutting it off, it pushes it…results in better Topology)
  • Split

Give it a try

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-Boolean works well, but its not handy in the workflow. It require a lot of steps for a simple polygonal cut.
-It works, mostly. But unfortunately it has not the polygonal option, so just rectangles. Curves and spines won’t allow me to have close shapes.
-Usually makes the problem worst. fill holes project this rounded weird shape instead of clear cut the corners and it require an extra annoying step deleting the cut parte from layers panel.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’m quite new with the app so maybe I’m doing it completely wrong

What exactly do you want to trim ? Hard Surface ? Can you post an example picture ?
In Nomad Sculpt you sometimes have to think and work a little differently, but everything is usually doable also quickly…

Here it is, nothing special, just a mug handle. I mostly use 3d for hard surface concept art. As you can see the cut aren’t straight no matter the poly density.

I would cut out such objects from a plane primitive

  • in the settings HOLE FILLING - OFF.
    The corners will be more beautiful in any case.
    Then mask and extract.

If you already have a template drawing, the best and fastest way is to extract the drawing (preferably black white) directly as STL and drag & drop the finished part into Nomad Sculpt.

Works also with JPG or PNG.

You can paint the Mug Handle e.g. in Procreate or a Vector App in black and white - then Online Tool - results in finished 3D object with sharp edges…

Maybe you can find an idea in the video.

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Sadly the problem persist for me, no clean cut. It would be an acceptable compromise if I could extrude the plane, but using gizmo it won’t. Maybe I’m still missing something.


The other option is to split the mesh…


First of all, so many thanks for the video explanation, I appreciated that a lot!

  • The mask-split-delete was not working fine for me because I needed to set up the border smoothness to 0. For Diagonals cut I can apply the subdvisions before then select-split-delete.
    This procedure works fine in the plane+shell situations I see, I can’t use it on solid primitives expecting clear cut results right ?
    -In the trim function, how you get “static” black points selection? I Need to click every single point every time to revert from rounded edges select to hard edge.
    -Hold mask-press on the screen-> nothing happens for me. Tried several times with or without the pen. Not a big issue, just need to go to select alla manually with rectangle. I add this just as a feedback.
    -The split procedure to solids, its a good workaround. Isolate with rectangles the part you need to cut, then apply the diagonals, its produces good results! Sadly the diagonal won’t use symmetry so I can’t be precise having the same angle left and right I think.

Thanks a lot to find time to answer my questions!

I the end I see that voxel remesh is an often used operation, and having so much problem to define an acceptable clean cut seems for a me a big drawback for all that wants to use Nomad for hard surface sculpt. Workarounds are fine, but I think would be great to have a proper function that at least approximate a good cut with symmetry.
I don’t want to sound annoying just to express my feedback and collect tips from experts in the community. The app is fantastic, and has a lot of potential. I’d love to use it regularly in my workflow!

Static black nodes - Create only ONE node and immediately change it to black - all new nodes will then also turn black.

There are many gestures.

E.g. Hold the mask button and tap your finger into an empty area on the screen - masks the active object.

Drag with your finger - deletes the mask, etc.

It’s just because of the exercise, with Nomad Sculpt you can create complex very precise Hard Surface objects within a few minutes - on the IPAD… you just have to learn how…:wink::slightly_smiling_face:.
It’s like any software, you have to familiarize yourself with it.


I agree with @Holger_Schoenischka

I was skeptical with using nomad for hard surface. But once i got used to it, it’s the best app out there for any hardsurface modelling. You just need to experiment different things

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At the beginning I also thought I needed Shapr 3D, Sketchup etc. but now Nomad Sculpt fulfills all my wishes.
And the upcoming update is the cracker, I only work with the BETA…

I’ll keep practice! So expect more questions ! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again

Is possible to join the beta ?

Nomad isn’t suited for hard surface, yet.
To get clean cut/corner I’d need to do a proper polygonal boolean operation, which is a hard task.

At some point it was planned and even top on my todo list, but it’s on hold for now.

So probably later!


I can’t wait for that ! :fire:

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