Plane cut option

Kudos on the amazing app! I am coming from a traditional materials-based sculpture practice and this app is by far the best digital creative tool I have ever worked with. The boolean intersection feature plus move tool is an incredibly powerful combo. I’ve been using it to embed a model in a rectangular primitive and then alter the surface of that primitive to place the mold seam lines where I want to lie. I’m currently printing my first mold made this way and if everything works out, this could be a game changer and allow me to prototype and print complicated multipart molds that would be a huge pain to work out with traditional materials.

It would be amazing if Nomad had some sort of feature to allow you to trim along an orthogonal plane. I’ve been having to export my files to Meshmixer to complete cleaning up the mold block to nice right angles using the “plane cut” feature in that software. Basically what I’m looking for is a tool like the trim tool using a line in Nomad, but with an option that would allow you to set that plane at 90 deg (or other defined) angles. Maybe I’m missing some lock feature currently in the software, but I can’t seem to get to make the trim-by-line tool orient by anything other than my best guess. It would be a bonus if this trim feature could work both by individual selected object and across a whole scene.

I am attaching a couple pics of what I mean. The first is what I created in Nomad. The second is what I imported back from Meshmixer after performing the plane cut operations there. Notice that the mold blocks in the second picture are all nice and cleaned up.

Again, thanks so much! I’ve been telling everyone I know about this app!

Second image here because I could only upload one

I’m reworking the Trim/Split feature so that the cut better follows the trim shape, see

The Trim won’t work across the scene though, you’ll need to merge objects beforehand.

I’m confused by the whole 90° angle thing though, if I understand well, you want to rotate in increment?
I could add an increment slider in the Trim settings.

Yes! A degree slider would be perfect.

And yeah I think that is what I mean. Right now, when I trim the line follows perspective. So, if I snap to a cube face and trim a horizontal line, I’ll end up with to sloping upwards from front to back. It looks like this planned update will fix that.

You can do something similar if you use the voxel remesh and boolean with a large box. Then the gizmo will snap to a specified degree, and you won’t have to switch between, or worry about, orthographic and perspective giving you that slope on the cut. But, the edges aren’t as clean as with the trim, so you will need to increase the density to kind of make up for it.

Maybe there’s a confusion here.
The next version won’t change how the cut is done, but only how the hole is filled.
Nothing will change for the “Line” Trim because the hole filling operation is already working fine (the hole is planar, so no ambiguity possible).

However If you use a perspective camera you’ll always have a “distortion” so in some case you might want to switch the camera to orthographic.

Ah, I totally didn’t know about the ortho camera view! Yes, the ortho view + a slider to control the angle is exactly what I need! Thank you

@SporkFuMaster, I’ve been working on max resolution (800). When I tried this approach it blurred/ lowered the resolution the detail of the mold cavity. If anyone could let me know why that is I’d appreciate it! I’m a total newbie to this and topology and remeshing are a bit of a mystery to me. Because of this, I’ve just been leaving it there and only remeshing when the geometry gets weird while sculpting. I’m on a brand new iPad pro and it handles setting the max resolution just fine this has been working so far.

Without a higher resolution setting, have you tried doing it in the reverse way? Setting up the cut for the mold first, then doing the boolean for the model so the higher resolution focuses on the model instead of lowering the resolution of it when you do further cuts. No idea if it will work, but could be worth a try.