Trim, split, other tools not working

Hi im very new to Nomad. Trying it on android phone. My trim tool, split and others wont work after i joined two objects. Camera view not engaged. I can only move my object around but tools wont engage. Was i supposed to do something after i joined 2 objects? Any thoughts?

Did you select the object before trying to trim it? Could be as simple as that.

Yes I selected Trim and when all I could do was change my objects view I selected split and that didn’t work either. Someone else asked this question on another thread and getting out of camera view was the solution. Not here. Not in camera view. Since I just joined two objects I’m wondering if I missed a step before I begin manipulating that new object


That’s what I was referring to - the tools available are contextual, so you need to have your object selected (click on it, select in the scene list) before you can trim it.
If it’s not selected then you’re essentially in view mode & not sculpting.

Okay I will definitely try that! Thank you for such a quick response and your help!


Hey Bezzo, I tried selecting my object and I get the red dot and red circle. Previously each object would light up purple when I selected them but after I joined them the whole thing doesn’t light up.

On a separate note are you aware of any PDF instructions for Nomad. Not much on YouTube for Nomad tutorial on android phone

Again thanks!


Here is the online manual.

I’m not sure about the other problem you’re having not being able to sculpt? Have you got another object selected and Lock is on? Lock means you can only sculpt onto the Locked object.

Maybe join the Discord and ask in there too, as I find this forum can be a bit too long between replies.