Trim and project path not working correctly

So the trim and the project brushes are highly important on some workflows, now i was trying todo something and I noticed that sharp edges and curved edges on the path gave me the exact same result. Meaning the sharp edge curve doesn’t work.
Here some images

here you can clearly see one is supposed to project a sharp cut and the other a curved cut.
Lets see the result Both are curved, giving undesired curved edges.

Now a zbrush images for comparison

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Thanks for your time

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Heres the result of the action

And heres the zbrush desired result

I think you cannot get this result in nomad with the trim brush, but you can get the same result with a boolean opération. Maybe i’am wrong. :thinking:

In order to improve the result, you need to de-activate the “spline”-option in the path menu. However even this won’t give you a sharp corner. I don’t know the reason for this.
But like Pomme11 said: Doing a boolean operation with - let’s say a box - will give you, what you are looking for.

PS: The trim-brush with the “polygon” option will produce slightly better results than “project”. However - boolean still superior.

Good to know about the Polygon option, i will try it.

Project produces slightly smoothed corners. In zBrush as well.

Trim works like expected. Adjust smoothing in hole filling options. Learn your tools :vulcan_salute:

Btw. Switch off smooth shading

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Trim tool can only cut triangle and quad in two, but no more than that.
You should get enough polys before using trim.

Maybe at some point trim will be able to do proper Boolean, not just an approximation or it.

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