Jim’s sculpt’s

I’ve been working a lot on hard surface sculpting techniques recently, and hope to post a lot more sculpts soon. Here is a simple but effective molding profile turned into a picture frame. I’m working on a technique to extrude profiles along any shaped curve and will post the results soon, but this is a good first step.


Here is a molding profile along an oval curve to create an oval mirror frame


Uh. Oval looks interesting.Lathe tool with division X on 4 around a fixed rotation point is good for any angled shape. But oval? Extrusion?


Yep, you’ve pretty much got it: almost the same technique as with angled object. As you know, we can’t do true “extrusions” in Nomad, but the technique I’ve worked out is fairly quick anyway.

  1. Create profile with lathe tool. We’ll be using subdivision later, so make sure there are at least 2 sharp control points wherever you want sharp edges on the profile (this creates edge loops in the standard box modelling sense).

  2. Set lathe geometry so that there aren’t too many divisions of the circle - the will depend what shape you ultimately want to achieve

  3. Validate

  4. Use mask select to select individual profile “edge loops”. Use gizmo to rotate and move them into position manually. For a shape like the oval, you won’t need many.

Once you’ve manually “roughed in” the shape, use subdivision, to round out the shape.

The sharp edge loops on the profile will make it hold it’s shape, but the overall contour will become rounded; basically like using a subdivision surface modifier in blender.

The first time I did it it took a while, but the example in this post was 5mins max.


A manual way to “extrude” a profile along any path. For method, see my previous post above.


There are already ways to make such profiles follow a path, but it would be more practical with the planned Tube Tool. I have already made several videos on YT about such things.


Hi, I’ve watched your video about the architectural moldings, it was really helpful. But I’m not sure I know about using the tube tool with a custom profile. Is this a new tool, or can we do it already? I’d love to know the method you used to create the last example!

So I’ve just watched your video titled “extrude and path” and in it you included a crucial detail. Previously I had tried the split, then join method; but I didn’t turn off hole filling; so when I tried to subdivide later, the shape wouldn’t become round and smooth, so I thought it didn’t work! Thanks for the video: Ive watched lots of your videos but I should go back and watch all of them - sometimes small details are crucial!
If I need the shape to join up with itself - like the oval mirror - is the lathe the best option?

I used the techniques above as the basis to create a mobius band


Cool stuff! :slight_smile:

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I did a slightly cleaner version today.

One with a different profile


Nice work very trippy

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Quite pleased with this one. Took a bit of figuring out! All nomad, no retopology.


I’ve been experimenting with box modelling techniques using only nomad tools - although it can be fiddly, you can actually do a lot! This was all done in Nomad


You are doing amazing stuff in here. To be honest, I have actually no idea how you do this and I am playing with Nomad for 1,5 years now. Congratulations!

Thanks! I used blender a bit a while ago, so I’m familiar with box modelling, and I’ve basically just been experimenting seeing which of those techniques can be applied in Nomad. The crucial thing I learnt was in @Holger_Schoenischka video Nomad Sculpt - Extrude & Path ( V1.65 - 5.12.2021) - YouTube
In it he shows how mesh can be joined back together after splitting, and it will behave properly if you apply subdivision, even after the split and rejoin.
The sensible thing would probably be to just buy CozyBlanket, and then I could achieve these types of topologies in a fraction of the time!
Although I might perhaps record a few videos showing some of the techniques as they are genuinely useful and not too awkward after a bit of practice.

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Always fun to build such things with Nomad :grinning:


This was a fairly quick proof of concept test - the window shape isn’t strictly period authentic! But I liked how it turned out and might do a more careful, detailed version. The light is from a spotlight shining onto a white plane, but an emissive material might work better, perhaps.

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I have also experimented with this, there is a really quick way to create such windows - the frame is of course an extra object.


I’ve continued to experiment with box modelling techniques, just to see what’s possible in Nomad alone, and I created this base mesh of a skull. Almost all box modelling techniques are possible, it’s just that some are fiddly and a bit slow - but if you are patient I’m impressed by how much is possible.
This is the mesh before any subdivision

This is after 1 subdivision

And this is after 2 subdivisions