Spork in the road

Looks great to me!

That’s exactly what I did with the instancing and hierarchy - make a single body part & legs with hierarchy & then go to town on the instancing.

Been busy lately, but I had some time today to do some quick sketches to test the beta a bit (I don’t think these sketches even came close to pushing nomad in the slightest). On the other hand, sss is awesome and so much easier directly on the iPad than using the web demo.


The mad apple is awesome!!!
Did you sculpt the shoies by yourself? How long did it take?

Not really sure as to how long it took to make the boots, but it was at least a few sessions. I never know how long I’ll have to sculpt. Could be 5 minutes or an hour.

I had no clue how I was going to do it before I started, but the way I ended up doing it seemed to work fairly easily. Starting with a basic sphere I created the shape of a boot. Once I was satisfied with the rough look of it, I started creating each of the surfaces from back to front (or inner to outer, depending on your perspective). Just using the mask/extract, then pulling out the edges with a fairly large radius move tool to not deform the edges too much to overlap the different sections. Then just a bit of crease to simulate the stitching and it was almost done. Lacing up the boots with the tube tool took a little bit of time, but it’s a good way to practice with the tool.

Forgot about the sole. If I remember correctly, that was just a cylinder that I moved to fit the rest of the dimensions, trimmed a couple times for the heel and voxel meshed it to get rid of the stretching.

Wasn’t meant to be a perfect boot, but at the size it was going to be displayed, I was hoping it would pass. If you spent the time, you could get a pretty realistic boot or shoe though.

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Alien head again.

And already had an electric bike, so I thought I’d try a simple design for an electric off road vehicle. Just throwing parts at it, so there are some issues with the steering…lol. Still approximated the rims since my snapping isn’t cooperating at the moment.


@ToBe Quick answer here. Speed isn’t really the issue, it’s more getting the time to spend sculpting. As soon as art gets payed a decent amount for the actual work that goes into it, I’ll consider attempting that profession…lol. For now, I’m good being just a hobby guy. I’m already my own worst client anyway.

More or less done for now. Since the beta’s almost over, thought I’d spend a bit of time on him.

Just something quick that I saw with nature’s Wombo (the clouds) that I though would be fun to do.