Spork in the road

Thanks @Bonaparte333.

Yeah, that would have been good to do a side by side comparison. I’ll have to remember that for the next one. Unless the new update happens already (been a while since the last one, it should be coming eventually). There were a couple of sculpts that were from relatively recently though (that goblin and the older elf like guy). Could be some small lighting differences, but a fairly similar comparison.

As for where the sss is at, look under the materials tab (where you normally would find refraction, blending, etc.)

And another easier new one for today.

An example for with and without on both the skin and the teeth.

With the new translucency. Didn’t save some of the lights, so it’s slightly different. With and without the front light to really show it coming through the thinner areas.

Even with a weird sketch, it just has a much more believable skin feel to it. I’m loving it so far.


More fun with sss.


Awesome! Makes so much difference to creature work, hope the app gets updated soon, gonna be big one!

Nice shaders work. Last works best render!.

Looks great! I love that creepy baseball ball :grin:

This was supposed to be just a simple sketch to rest my brain from other sculpts I am working on. Ended up spending a bit more time on it than it really needed. Changed him from the original in a number of areas. Wanted his face to look more like a face as the original feels more like a mask to me.

Since most without canes will likely not recognize him, here’s the reference I used as I’m sure if I had the actual figure it would have been gone many decades ago.


Top notch, my friend. Such great detail and love for tiny things. Very well done!!

Thanks knacki. Got to keep busy with something while waiting for all those new updates. Which I forgot to upload a few more images of more random little sculpts with that last post.


You are kicking out character by character Just like that!
I am in awe.

It would be a big assist to me as well.

@MojoMan Did you need some specific assistance?

Only a few updates this time. Been a little busy lately, but Nomad is always there to relax with. Which I probably need to start remembering that while Sculptris was a post it note, Nomad is a bit more like a full sheet of paper. So much more room for attempting to add in more than just a head.

The hunter. Similar to whoever is doing the Erwin Saunders pixies.

Just a simple head doodle.

And the miner. Should have added in a lot more (ropes, connections, tools, etc.), but I think I’ve just spent too long staring at the same guy. Need to clear my head with something new before trying to go back.

Just a sketch that I moved on from.

Started out similar to the last one as a full body sketch. Ended up cutting out the head and finishing that part. Guess I saved it wrong and the rest of the body wasn’t saved. Kind of an emaciated body. Went for a bit of Halloween in June.

And a bad apple I more or less finished.


Amazing…just amazing!

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Very nice work👍🏽

Well thanks everyone. Got to love what Nomad lets you do.

And I’m going to try and post the process of this one as it progresses since I’m not really sure how it’s going to go. It’s going to be just the head, possibly more around the upper torso/shoulders area. To begin with, he’s supposed to be a king. Though to be honest, other than a crown, maybe a beard, or some sort of gold laced shirt and other clothing, I’m not really sure how that will ultimately be conveyed. And he’s also supposed to be a zombie (leave it to a kid to come up with that combination…lol).

At the moment, I’ve got a fairly simple base for the head. Wasn’t really sure if it would matter as what kind of head would really say “Hey I’m a king.” Considered using a heavier set face like a lot do for the royalty that eats a lot with less physical activity based on their position. But maybe that’s just overthinking it since it’s just for fun anyway. I think just about any random head should do.

Still considering the next step. I was thinking about creating the skull just underneath the head first and then doing the texturing of the skin, wrinkles, and other smaller details afterwards. Once both of those are done maybe a bit of hair work. Then the zombification and crown stuff can begin. After that, the rest of the clothing. At least that’s the plan. Simple, right? Lol…I should just make another alien.

I remembered creating a skull before, so there’s a small bit of work I didn’t have to recreate by just importing that file. It had some different teeth, so those had to go and I made a new set. A few adjustments to get it to fit the proportions of this head, but it should work for this project.

Got a few minutes to add in the eyes. Always feels like a bit of life is added with just the eyes in. Put in a couple lights for now. Since the rest of the detail stuff for the head is probably going to take a while (especially if my job keeps calling me out), figured I’d update it as is until the next part is done.

Used the old alpha with grab dynamic radius instead of just spraying everywhere. Took a bit longer, but I think that once SSS is used it should look fairly decent. That might be one update I’d like to see for Nomad. A random jitter for the brushes. Unless it’s there and I just keep skipping over it, which is always possible.

Thought I’d do a quick test with the web demo. SSS and a flat color.

Not a lot of time to get back to this one today. Did get a crown made and started on some of the larger gashes. Not entirely sure how much more damage he will need before I start on the rest.

Another small bit to the sculpting and a bit of color. Unfortunately, I seem to have just gone above the limit for the web demo. I’ll have to wait for the next update to see the SSS.

Now it’s time to think about either the clothing or the hair.

Added in some eyebrows and the mustache. Think I’ll start on the clothes first. Mostly because that beard is going to take a while to do…lol.

Been quiet at work, so I’ve had some time to get some clothing in. Seems like I could spend forever adding in more to it, but it should be good enough for now.