Similar to Tube Tool

The Tube Tool is an amazing tool. Something that is extremely useful. It can easily place a tube onto a surface elegantly.

Would it possible to create a custom shape (same tool as the tube tool but replacing the tube with a custom shape) that follows the path similar to how the Tube Tool works.

Add a sharp-edged border around imported text or around a warrior’s shield.
Make Waving Flags from a thin rectangle.

I have been looking for a way to follow a model’s surface to place a rectangle onto but I’m sure other shapes would be quite helpful.


I was lust looking for that feature, as It would have been handy to make the bands flat.
I really hope that a custom shape feature it will be implemented in the future. A start could also be a selection between circle and a square. One of the challenges could be that it would require an option so one can rotate the shape in every control points, as the tube gets borders, and I guess that is a lot more complicated to handle than just a simple circular form.

A square tube tool option would be awesome!

An improvement would be to be able to set the number of sides of the tube.

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It‘s already in.
Under topology / tube topology uncheck „constant density“ and enter 4 in Division X
If you want sharp corner, check flat subdivision and increase subs to 2, or uncheck smooth shading in display settings, but that is a global setting.


Thank u! I’ll try it out!

I know a custom shape editor would be a lot of work, but … I wonder how doable using a mask as the tube profile would be. Like a triplanar … but tube-y.

Thats a great idea. +1.

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You are right, it’s actually possible to change the form, good find!

The problem is, when the form changes from circular to rectangle, we need to be able to adjust the rotation of the centreline at the control points.

Yeah, rotation control is a bit problematic like it is now.

Shape editor could be the polygon tool from mask, plus some basics. Custom shapes would be cool but not planned. Something like svg import won‘t come, was said. Or Photoshop custom shape……

That‘s a messy idea for tube shape creator inside view. Radius is controlled like always. Again, a adjustable grid for every view plus snapping could be gold for this.

and making clothes will get twice the result with half the effort,只是让衣服和衣服可以实现,可以希望这个功能