Tube-like Tool that sticks to the surface of a mesh

Is there a possibility, to create a tube-like tool (maybe in a flat version too), that automatically sticks onto a surface of a mesh? It would be so much easier to position the object than to work with the Move tool, which affects the topology…

Would definetely help, to create things like belts, armor, jewelry and equipment…


Tube settings / snapping / every point

More in detail here, discussing issues with rotation.

It might be confusing but this option only matters when you create the tube the first time.

Afterwards you can use the ”snap” option, but it will only snap the currently edited point

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True, but helps. A general snapping to surfaces would help for sure even more.

There is already a snap-to-surface built in:

o When starting the tube, just tap on something and it puts it on it’s surface.
o Make 2+ points and click the green button.
o Go into the menu and it’s there.

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I missed that, thank you @RogerRoger!
For those searching for this function like a dump idiot (like me after woke up, with half brain still lying on my pillow) you maybe have ticked “panel inside viewport” ? You won’t find snap in menu then. It right in front of you all the time….

Even with offset! But offset is always in menu. @ToBe that means most of your request is already there, I’ve leaned new stuff as well. :star_struck:
Custom shapes for tubes is another big request people already asked for very often directly in here.


its been there a while already haha another tip people might not know/think about you can use the gizmo on a curve to flatten, resize & rotate it (though its probably better to do with a lower division and its a bit wonky) for hair for instance :smiley: